Captain Jonathan Archer proudly commanded the Enterprise NX-01, and soon you can, too. QMx will offer an NX-01 built to the exact dimensions and specifications of the CG studio model used for Star Trek: Enterprise. The screen-accurate Artisan replicas will be 1:350 scale pieces that measure 23.5 inches long by 16 inches wide by 5 inches high. Further, each ship will come with a dedication plaque signed by Doug Drexler, who created it.



Other highlights will include an intricate lighting system that features 150-plus LEDs, including torpedoes and phaser arrays with sound effects. Additional LEDs will illuminate anti-collision and formation signals, interiors, warp and impulse engines, and navigational and deflector arrays. The NX-01 Replica will also boast superior construction, as it has a welded steel armature that provides strength and shape, while other materials include top-of-the-line epoxies, polyester resins, fiberglass, acrylic and styrene. And, the replica is painstakingly finished and hand painted with several layers of metallic automotive-quality paint to deliver a textured and layered Aztec pattern. Fans ordering the NX-01 Replica can request customization options that include a center insert (gloss black or white, or mirrored), change of color and custom engraving for the base.



It should be noted that each handmade NX-01 Replica takes approximately 115 hours to create, and that’s with six artisans working in tandem at the QMx shop. QMx will limit production of the Enterprise NX-01 Artisan Replica to 100 ships, priced at $3,995 a piece. Keep an eye on for additional news about the NX-01 Replica and click HERE to be added to be added to QMx's pre-order waiting list.


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