From the chaos of famed Kobayashi Maru, Admiral James T. Kirk emerges on the simulator's command deck giving us the first glance of his new uniform in STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN. Inspired by the naval uniforms of centuries past, this distinctive maroon uniform became an instant fan-favorite upon its release in 1982.


ANOVOS is pleased to announce the pre-orders for the Admiral Kirk Monster Maroon as a complete ensemble. This standard Admiral Kirk package features the jacket, Starfleet leatherette belt, quilted undershirt, pants, rank pins, command badge and distinctive back-strap security device unique to Admiral Kirk.

No detail was spared as each neck ribbing was hand stuffed, gold trim added to both uniform jacket and pant, shoulder strap professionally hand sewn, and the unique security device completely researched from original model kits (from which said device was "kit-bashed" from) and remade into a distinctive metal pin. All this lent to the creation of the most accurate representation of Admiral Kirk's uniform ever released and sold to the Star Trek fandom.

Utilizing a three-tier system, early investors get the best deal and bonuses at each level.

Be sure to act now, as pre-orders sell through quickly. Delivery expected this July.

Visit to pre-order.