Fans Go Ga-Ga For La-La Records TOS Soundtrack Event

Fans Go Ga-Ga For La-La Records TOS Soundtrack Event

Star Trek fans and La-La Land Records were completely in tune yesterday at the beautiful, restored Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood as fans from across the galaxy gathered to celebrate La-La Land Records’ 10th anniversary and the release of Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection, a 15-disc TOS box set that features every last note of TOS music. The set boasts 17 hours of music and is on sale… today. was on hand for the big event last night, which included screenings of the HD versions of “Amok Time” and “Mirror, Mirror,” free tickets, popcorn and drinks and Tribbles (you read that right), and a post-show discussion with Gerald Fried, the only living TOS composer, and David Gerrold, who penned “The Trouble with Tribbles.”

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Another fan asked if he’d be interested in doing some music for Star Trek Into Darkness. Fried called it a “lovely idea.” Fried, who composed the music for five TOS episodes, smiled when asked if coming up with the music was “freeing,” given that he basically got one spotting session in which to see an episode and then score it. “No,” he declared. “It was… scary.” And, at the end of the day, if his scores endure, it’s thanks to a combination of “good music and good writers.”

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