Back on May 4, took to our Facebook page to ask fans the following: What Star Trek moment did you emotionally connect with the most? Thousands of fans replied, with many choosing the ones that hit us all—including Spock's death and Data losing Lal—while others surprised us with their responses. Below are some representative comments:

When Troi loses her empathic powers. I was going through a hard time and totally related to how disconnected she felt. (Marina Sirtis') acting was incredible.— Liza Mooney

When Data was losing Lal, and Data said he was not able to love her back... and she says, "Then I will feel it for the both of us."— Samantha Bell

The DS9 finale. It was the only one that was really an ending. TOS didn't get the chance to have finality to it, TNG had a great finale but in the end the lesson was "the trek continues on," and VOY certainly came to an end but I didn't feel like we said goodbye to any of those characters. When everyone is sort of parting ways at the end of DS9, even watching it and knowing it happens, I get a little misty.—Scott Wyllie

"The Alternative Factor." I was deeply frightened that your "twin" could hate you so much; but the other could sacrifice their life to save everyone else! I wondered how many people could have done that?—Kelly-Jeau Larson

The Voyager episode "One Small Step" made me almost break down crying at work (I had it playing on my iPod while I was programming), and did make me want to get a copy on VHS or DVD so I could go around using it to beat in the face anyone who thinks that NASA and the space programs of the world are unimportant.—Andrea Hartman

Sarek dying in TNG. Great acting.—Dave Smith

DS9 episode "The Visitor." Especially the scene when Sisko appears in the hall and Jake realizes he's not dead but lost outside of time, then Jake loses him again in sick bay and starts crying. Gets me every time.—Joseph Berry

Last (TNG) episode when Picard plays cards and states he should have done it sooner.—Charlotte Ward

Spock dying in TWoK. Only Edith Keeler even comes close.— Douglas Fertig

After being a fan of TOS for as long as I can remember I found the actors signing out at the end of The Undiscovered Country particularly poignant...— Paul D M Gibson

The conversation between Spock and Kirk when Spock says, "Have we grown so old so rigid that we have outlived our usefulness?"— Robin van Kouteren
Odo's decision to remain outside the great link. As the black sheep of my family, I totally get that.—Jeremy Beyer

When Tuvix pleaded with Janeway not to murder him and the Doctor refused to do the procedure; very emotional episode.— Andy Bonnell

 "An Ode To Spot".... Brings me to tears every time.—Max Petersen

When Data dies in Nemesis, and he says goodbye to Captain Picard. He does it so, so well... you just know he's finally acheived the humanity he's always wanted.—Michael Karpati

"In Theory": Data tries a romantic relationship using every trick in the book he can come up with. In the end, Jenna D'Sora realizes she's chosen the wrong man once again. Data, very much in character, turns "it" off by "deleting the appropriate program," and just goes back to sitting alone in his quarters with Spot.—Nate Miller

I bawled my head off, in the theatre, when Spock died.— Kathy Arnason

One that doesn't get as much as it deserves is at the end of "Requium for Methuselah," where Jim has lost Rayna and sleeps with his head on his desk, and Bones talks to Spock about the cost of love: "You see, I feel sorrier for you than I do for him, because you'll never know the things that love can drive a man to... the ecstasies, the miseries, the broken rules, the desperate chances, the glorious failures, and the glorious victories. All of these things you'll never know, simply because the word 'love' isn't written into your book. I just wish he could forget her." When he leaves, Spock contemplates his captain, still in obvious pain even in sleep, and initiates a mind meld with a single word: "Forget." It was as human as Spock ever was in TOS. For that moment, he did what he could to help his friend, not just what was logical.—Scott Booth

There are FOUR LIGHTS!—James Harris

From "Dark Page," when Troi finally gets her mother to talk about the daughter she lost...—Bernice Stephens

I also felt close to Captain Picard's emotions in "Family," when he admits to his brother (after their mud fight!) just how broken he feels after his assimilation. We often feel in life that we cannot endure, or that we don't have the capability to meet many of the challenges we face. It made this character who, outwardly, was so stoic and strong seem - as Robert put it - to be a "human being after all."—Nate Miller

"Of all the souls I have encountered in the universe..." touched deep.— Kathy Thomas

The death of Jadzia.—Loki Freyasson

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