Blunt Talk, the STARZ comedy series starring Patrick Stewart in a role as far removed from Captain Jean-Luc Picard as humanly possible, will kick off its second season on October 2 with the episode "I Remember That Time More Like a Movie I Saw Than a Life I Lived." And it's been revealed that year two will once again feature guest appearances by several figures with Trek connections. Among those who will be interacting with Stewart's foul-mouthed, sex-addicted British talk show host are Golden Brooks, Daniel Stewart, Brent Spiner and Ed Begley.

Brooks, who played Alicia Travers in the Enterprise episodes "Storm Front" and "Storm Front, Part II," will return as Blunt's ex-wife Vivian.

Daniel Stewart is Patrick's son, and he portrayed Batai in the The Next Generation episode "The Inner Light." He'll be back on Blunt Talk in his role as Rafe Blunt, the boxer son of Walter Blunt.

Spiner, of course, spent many years by Stewart's side, co-starring as Data to Stewart's Picard on TNG and in the TNG features. He'll reprise his Blunt Talk role as Phil, the pianist at the bar Walter where Walter hangs out.

And lastly, Begley guest starred as Henry Starling in the Voyager hours "Future's End" and "Future's End, Part II." He'll recur again as the husband of Blunt's producer-manager Rosalie (Jacki Weaver).

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