To: Franklin Drake

From: Philia Fer, Starfleet Medical

I must decline your request to review the recordings of my counseling sessions with the Changeling currently being held in Facility 4028.

Releasing these files to Starfleet Intelligence would be a breach of personal and medical ethics. My sessions with my patient are confidential. The details of them should, and must, remain so. 


To: Franklin Drake

 From: Philia Fer, Starfleet Medical

Yes, I was assigned to create a psychological profile of the patient. I completed my evaluation and submitted a report to Starfleet Security as requested. That is a matter of record, and anyone with a Security Level of Delta Six or higher can access it.

However, under the Articles of the Federation, anyone currently residing in Federation space, even a citizen of a foreign government, has rights. And my patient has the right to privacy!

Do not contact me again about this matter.  


To: Franklin Drake

 From: Philia Fer, Starfleet Medical

Mr. Drake, I attempted to notify your superior officer of your repeated requests for an egregious breach of Federation law and medical ethics. However, as far as I could determine, you don't have a superior officer. In fact, you don't appear to be in the command structure at all, or even in the Starfleet database!

I have notified my superior officers of your violation of our protocols and unauthorized access to classified records. This communication is being traced, and as soon as you open it Starfleet Security will have your location.

The penalties for infiltrating restricted data are quite severe.

You obviously know a great deal about Starfleet operations, or you would not know about my patient or even that Facility 4028 exists.

By this time next month, however, I expect you will be joining her there. Rest assured, should you be assigned to me as a patient, I will give you the same ethical care she has received.


To: Franklin Drake

 From: 957@3825932&*$#-THETA

Here are those recordings you wanted, fresh out of Starfleet Medical's database.

Not a lot to see there, though. The Changeling isn't what you would exactly call talkative. In fact, there are three "sessions" where the patient doesn't say a word!

From what I understand, Changelings are supposed to be extremely long-lived, aren't they? Almost immortal? If so, thirty-five years in a Starfleet box might just be like a boring afternoon to you and me.

The changeling can afford to play the waiting game.

As to your other request, I don't know of any way to get data from Facility 4028 without a physical insertion. It's a closed system – everything controlling the holomatrix and essential systems is cut off from remote access. 


To: Franklin Drake


Counselor Fer should no longer be a concern. Her report to Starfleet Security has been expunged and everyone involved has agreed to cooperate.

As for Fer, I understand that the colony on Elba II is need of a new counselor. She would be the perfect candidate. note: The blog feature above, in fictional letter form, is designed to build awareness of and excitement about this week’s Star Trek Online feature episode, “Facility 4028.” In the episode, the crew visits a mysterious (and brand-new) Federation holding facility to seek aid from an old enemy, but they aren't the only ones who want her blessing. “Facility 4028" is the fourth episode in the series. Fans can play the game starting tomorrow, Saturday, March 3, at 10 a.m. PST. Click HERE to visit Star Trek Online and keep an eye on for upcoming Star Trek Online guest blog features.



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