Dennis McCarthy’s score for Star Trek Generations captured that film’s many moods, notably melancholy, contemplation and, in the end, uplift. On October 29, for the first time ever, fans will be able to enjoy McCarthy’s complete Generations score. That’s the day GNP Crescendo Records will release a 2-CD collector’s edition of the Generations soundtrack. Disc one includes the full film score, including music for a sequence dropped from the finished film, while disc two offers a remastered version of the 1994 GNP soundtrack album (along with its innovative sound effects library).

McCarthy recorded the music for Generations with a large orchestra that delivered on his gentle main-title music, haunting choir-infused music for the Nexus sequences and, of course, the strategic use of Alexander Courage’s Star Trek fanfare. GNP Crescendo’s original soundtrack album ran 45 minutes and featured score highlights. The new, expanded release boasts the full 79-minute score, the remastered album and a trio of bonus tracks, among them the motion picture dialogue “Lifeforms” performed and semi-improvised by Brent Spiner in character as Data. Also included is an informative, photo-illustrated 16-page booklet by Jeff Bond and Lukas Kendall, and fans can access a track-by-track commentary, for both discs, by John Takis at


Star Trek Generations – 2CD Collector’s Edition (GNPD 8080) will be available on October 29 and only as a physical CD. GNP Crescendo is accepting pre-orders now. 

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