The Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes “The Best of Both Worlds, Part I” and "Part II” deservedly rank among the best hours ever of TNG. They’re brilliantly acted and directed, and boast top-notch visual effects, costuming, cinematography and makeup. And, pulling it all together into an unforgettable, haunting whole was composer Ron Jones’s virtuoso score. So powerful was Jones’s score, with its creepy synthesized chorus, that it had the honor of being only the second TNG soundtrack album released at the time of production.



GNP Crescendo Records released the Best of Both Worlds soundtrack album in 1991, and it proved as popular as one might expect. Now, GNP Crescendo is about to release an Expanded Collector’s Edition CD that includes the complete scores, adding the shorter, transitional moments that contain at least one piece of important thematic material missing from the original album. Also included is a 16-page booklet, by Lukas Kendall and John Takis, with details about both the production and music.

The Best of Both Worlds Expanded Collector's Edition will be available later this month. Visit the GNP Crescendo site for additional details; click HERE.


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