The Star Trek Shop here at has just beamed up an array of brand-new and exclusive Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise products – especially apparel for men and women -- that we’ll be telling you about over the next few days. First up: Deep Space Nine. There’s a great O’Brien Must Suffer (At Least Once Per Season) tee-shirt, a sleek Terok Nor tee and a colorful Quark’s Bar tee, with all three available for both guys and gals. We also are partial to the inventive Deep Space Nine Comic Book Poster, which measures 11” by 17” and features both comic-book imagery and photos of the DS9 cast. And, yes, the Deep Space Nine Comic Book Poster design has been emblazoned on tee shirts available for guys and gals, while the Quark’s Bar image can also be found on a set of four coasters.

Each of the tee-shirts referenced above and also the Quark’s Bar coasters cost $24.95, while the Deep Space Nine Comic Book poster costs $14.95. Click HERE to check out the DS9 page in the Star Trek Shop, where you can the products mentioned above and a variety of other just-introduced exclusives.

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