From the files of "Just in case you missed it," had to smile the other day when we saw the news out of England that Sajid Javid, the new Culture Minister, is a major Star Trek fan. In fact, during his first keynote speech, according to a report in The Telegraph, the former investment banker lobbied for the arts to be made more accessible to minorities and the working classes, and he cited his credentials for the new post. They included recent visits to Shakespeare's Globe, Birmingham Rep, the British Museum and the Royal Festival Hall, as well as a deep affection for Star Trek and a certain Irish rock band.

"Maybe I should quote someone I’m familiar with from my younger days,” The Telegraph reported him telling an audience in Bristol. "What we do in this country is great because, far from being ruled by central diktats, our ‘culture is based on freedom and self-determination.’ That’s Captain Jean-Luc Picard. The Next Generation, season three, episode 26.” Javid then added, "I had a pretty mainstream cultural education. The kind millions of Britons will recognise. I like Star Trek. I like U2."

Just for the record, "The Next Generation, season three, episode 26" was... "The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1."

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