An armada of Star Trek ships, friends and foes alike, will make its way toward Earth on October 9 courtesy of Eaglemoss Collections. The 9th is the day that Eaglemoss begins releasing its set of 65-plus high-quality, die-cast model Star Trek ships. The ships will be released at a rate of one every two weeks and will include, for example, nine versions of the Enterprise, as well as many ships never before produced. Among the other ships are the rare Cardassian Hideki class, various Romulan, Klingon, Dominion and Ferengi vessels, the Krenim Temporal Weapon and the Equinox, plus the fan-favorite Akira class.

The ships will each measure approximately six-inches long and will be based on the original CG models developed by the Star Trek visual effects team. Additionally, every model will have been exhaustively researched and painted with painstaking attention to detail, all in an effort to create faithful reproductions. Fans, with each purchase, can also expect to receive a 20-page Collector’s Magazine offering a detailed profile of that ship, along with detailed annotations and a breakdown of the technology on board, its crew and weapons. Also, exclusive behind-the-scenes articles reveal how that ship was designed, complete with original design sketches, as well as an informative examination of the shooting model (or models) used by the VFX team, and a history of the ship’s appearances on screen.

The first ship -- the Enterprise NCC-1701-D -- will cost $4.95, while each ship thereafter will cost $19.95. Click HERE for additional information and to order.



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