Destination Star Trek 3, set to be held October 3-5 in London, continues to fall into place, with the big name guests already announced and now, with the finer details coming into focus. Visitors will be able to immerse themselves into the world of Star Trek with topics ranging from Star Trek: The Original Series to the modern-day Star Trek movies. Today, previews the Art Gallery, Screenings and Fan Panels locked in for what promises to be an unforgettable weekend.


Fans in attendance at DST3 can peruse Juan Ortiz’s 80 TOS Art Prints. The lively, inventive pieces render each and every Original Series Trek episode, as well as the initial pilot, into a movie-style poster. “It is by channeling the style and aesthetic of the '60s and '70s seen in the designs of movie posters, pulp book covers, comic books and advertisements that Ortiz pays tribute to the turbulent time in which he grew up, and the television show that helped get him through them.”


Need to get off your feet? Want to soak in the shows and films that led you to DST3 in the first place? Then be sure to visit the DST3 screening area to watch some carefully selected clips from the Star Trek series and films that have been voted by fans from all over the world as their favorite, most memorable or historic moments in Star Trek. Further, throughout the weekend, screens around the event will be playing montages of your favorite scenes as chosen by fans through DST3 polls. So, remember to vote when the time comes in order to get your favorite scene or episode shown at the event.


The Enterprise Stage and the Voyager Stage will serve as the hot spots for talks with DST3’s amazing guests, while a third and most-important stage, the Excelsior Stage will be set aside exclusively for our fans. All panels on the Excelsior Stage will be free for all visitors attending the event across all three days. That means not one, but two stages (Voyager and Excelsior) worth of free talks for three days.

Hosting the Excelsior stage will be Jordan Hoffman, writer of’s One Trek Mind blog. Come and visit as he introduces and chats with such special guests as Larry Nemecek, Ronald B Moore, Andre Bormanis, Martin Netter and Jim Moorhouse.  Stick with him when he’s joined by our other guest hosts, the Trekkie Girls, Neil Green, TrekMate and The Engage Podcast as they lend their expertise for Costume Contests, Trek Trivia competitions and other entertaining panels that have been carefully arranged to engage the crowd.

The themes for the Excelsior Stage panels and events have been suggested by fans attending DST events -- and below is a sneak peak at what fans can expect to see Excelsior Stage this time round… with more still to come:

•         The moral implications of the Dominion War
•         Star Trek Technology, influence and development
•         Take part in Trek Trivia for all levels of knowledge
•         Show off your attire in our costume contests and parades
•         Debate some of the 'best of' moments with other fans

Destination Star Trek 3 will be held at the ExCel in the heart of London’s Docklands, from October 3-5, and tickets are available now. Haven't been to Destination Star Trek yet? Check out the videos from the London (2012) and Germany (2014) events and then visit to purchase tickets and get the latest information.

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