The crew of the U.S.S. Discovery was enjoying a reception in their honor on the restored Vulcan world of Paan Mokar until the affair was interrupted by a hostile force of Andorians. Aiming to retake the planet, a group led by the fierce and passionate Tarah – a former member of the Andorian Imperial Guard – took the entire reception hostage.

Starfleet needs you to uncover the truth behind who is trying to reignite the feud between Vulcans and Andorians, save the Discovery along with her crew, and fight for peace in the month-long Mega-Event, "Ghosts of the Past."

Star Trek Timelines is proud to announce its latest Andorian and Discovery-themed Mega-event, “Ghosts of the Past.” Over the course of four events, players will uncover the powers at work behind the Andorian aggressors, meet new crew from across the Star Trek universe, and by playing in the weekly events they can recruit Star Trek: Discovery’s Vice-Admiral Katrina Cornwell.

Check out the schedule for the “Ghosts of the Past” Mega-Event:

•    February 1st – Crashing the Party, Galaxy Event
•    February 8th – The Honor of Andoria, Faction Event
•    February 15th – The Vulcan Response, Hybrid Faction/Galaxy Event
•    February 22nd – Founders at War, Galaxy Event

For those interested in participating in the “Ghosts of the Past” Mega-Event, play Star Trek Timelines via the App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, Steam, or Facebook. For more information throughout the month of February, tune in to the Star Trek Timelines Facebook page. The first event in the series begins today, February 1st.

Star Trek Timelines merges the characters, stories and settings from Star Trek: The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise and now Star Trek: Discovery. Gather your favorite heroes -- or villains -- to build your dream crew, explore the galaxy and lead Starfleet through a crisis threatening the very fabric of time and space.

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