Star Trek: Discovery was in the house in a big way on Day Four of Star Trek Las Vegas. More than a dozen actors from the show participated in panels, signed autographs and did photos ops, and costume designer Gersha Phillips got in on the action, too, serving as a judge during the Costume Contest. checked it all out and is here with many of our favorite moments and photos…

Discovery Panel #1

The day’s first panel brought together Emily Coutts, Sara Mitich, Oyin Oladejo, Rekha Sharma and Sam Vartholomeos. They shared a sweet camaraderie that played really well with very appreciative fans.

“On some level, you’re forced to be a better human being because the show demands that of you,” Oladejo noted. “Star Trek does that to you.”

“It moved a lot of people,” Coutts said of Saru’s big “We are Starfleet” speech. Added Mitich, “It really brought us together as a crew.”

“As a kid, I used to watch reruns of The Original Series, and for a little brown girl in a super-white neighborhood in Canada,” Sharma explained, “it was the first thing that gave me hope for a future where everything could be equal.”

Vartholomeos talked about Mirror Danby’s demise at the hands of Sonequa Martin-Green’s Michael Burnham. He joked that he’d not yet forgiven Martin-Green.

Discovery Panel #2

Mary Chieffo, Jayne Brook, Clint Howard and Kenneth Mitchell gathered on the main stage for the afternoon’s second panel. There were screams, loud ones, and laughs, and some major news, too.

“I said, scream!!” And with that Chieffo and Brook gave fans a makeup-free and costume-less reenactment of the great screaming match between L’Rell and Cornwell.

Howard elicited a laugh when the conversation circled around to the reality that Discovery can be watched on CBS All Access… with subtitles. “So,” he asked, “if you don’t speak English, but you do speak Klingon, you can understand the episode (and dialogue)?”

“It’s not a panel,” Chieffo insisted, “unless Ken (Mitchell) performs some of his Klingon lines.” And, of course, he did.

Speaking of Mitchell, he shared some stellar intel: The announced that he will be back on Discovery in season two.

Gersha Phillips, Glenn Hetrick & Sam Vartholomeos Judge Costume Contest

What an opportunity for cosplayers, to have no less than Discovery’s Glenn Hetrick, Gersha Phillips, and Sam Vartholomeos along with Michael Westmore and Terry Farrell, judge their costumes during the annual costume contest. Priceless moments occurred when Mitchell and Chieffo both took photos with a few contestants. 

Mitchell jumped up on stage and posed for a photo with cosplayer Chad Buffett as "Kol."

Chieffo stepped on stage for a pic with cosplayer Clint Wilder, cosplaying as "Firewolf."

Pike Meets Pike

Anson Mount, soon to be seen as Captain Pike on Discovery, enjoyed a close encounter with one of his predecessors, Sean Kenney. It was the first time the two men met, and it was fun to watch them chat and exchange contact information.

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