And that’s a wrap. After five days packed with franchise-spanning panels, events, contests, autograph/photograph opportunities and one absolutely massive surprise – Jean-Luc Picard is back! – Star Trek Las Vegas ended on Sunday evening. patrolled the sprawling convention space at the Rio and is here with our last look at highlights and photos, starting with Discovery.

Main-Stage Disco

Fans were treated to several hours of Discovery-themed panels featuring the stars and creatives from the show. Up first was a panel featuring Wilson Cruz, Shazad Latif, Anthony Rapp and Mary Wiseman.

“I want Tilly to date like a ball of gas or something,” Wiseman said. “Or a ball of sound. And my parents don’t approve and I say, ‘You just don’t get gas!’”

Latif noted that growing up speaking Arabic helped him handle the guttural Klingon language he was required to learn and deliver.

“It’s important for representation; it just means everything,” Cruz said. “It’s so clear that it’s resonated with people. We didn’t know for sure what the response would be. But after the toothbrush scene, it was clearly embraced.”

A fan asked if there will be singing in season two, to which Rapp replied, “Are we allowed to say there’s a little bit of singing?” 

Hetrick and Phillips

Discovery’s makeup and prosthetics guru, Glenn Hetrick, and the show’s costume designer, Gersha Phillips, split the hour on stage, with booth sharing cool images with fans and answering questions.

“HD presents all these challenges on how you make things look real,” explained Hetrick. Discussing the Klingons, he said, “It was Neville Page’s idea to put the Klingons in armor.”

Phillips was joined by two members of her team, Carly Nicodemo and Karen Lee. Asked by a fan what their favorite element of the show to work on was, the trio each replied, “Mirror Universe.”

Sonequa, Doug and Anson

“There were so many different species involved in that triangle,” Sonequa Martin-Green said, referring to Burnham, Tyler and L’Rell.

“I loved how complicated it was. It was painfully compelling and fulfilling to play as an actor.”

Anson Mount said, “Chris Hunter (Jeffrey Hunter’s son) came all the way to Comic-Con just to tell me that his father would have approved, and that meant so much.”

“Thank you for sharing your fears and anxiety with me during Star Trek Las Vegas and for telling me that Saru has been a beacon of hope for you,” Doug Jones offered. “I’ve been on the ride with you watching Saru overcome his fears and find a sense of courage and leadership.”

The Science of Star Trek: Discovery

Dr. Erin MacDonald took fans through the biology and physics behind Trek’s newest series, from multiverse theory and tardigrades to spore drives, mirror universes and DNA splicing. “One of the multiverses we see is a parallel universe,” Dr. MacDonald explained. “Saying it’s a mirror universe is multiplying it by minus-1.”

Discovery Snapshots

Mary Wiseman got in on the action at Star Trek Online’s panel devoted to their upcoming game, Age of Discovery. As you might imagine, Tilly will be among the featured characters. 

Rekha Sharma joined Mary Wiseman on stage and confirmed she will be joining Age of Discovery early next year.

Discovery cast members, including Anthony Rapp, Sara Mitich, Wilson Cruz, Sam Vartholomeos, Mary Wiseman, Shazad Latif, Rekha Sharma, Kenneth Mitchell and Mary Chieffo surprised cosplayers on stage during their photo op.

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