Ready for some digital slots, Trek-style? Jackpot Party Casino has just debuted their latest Trek game, Star Trek: Wrath of Khan. Fans can play in their favorite universe, complete with Khan and the Enterprise. The game boasts true characters likenesses and authentic voice work from the real actors, as well as favorite sounds from the movie, including phasers, photon torpedos and transporters. Extra paylines can be achieved without extra payment, thanks to a base 5x4 reel, and the slot allows you to experience ship-to-ship combat in the free spins bonus rounds amongst the wreckage.

Adding to the fun, though not available in all areas, there's a mini-game within Wrath of Khan, and that's based on "The Trouble with Tribbles." It's inspired by the equipment and sound styles from The Original Series, meaning it looks and feels as close to TOS as possible and eliminates the use of standard button clicks required on other mini-games. Players can collect bonuses hourly and daily, and earn Tribbles as they play. The more times a player completes a mini-game, the more Tribbles they earn. And the more Tribbles they amass, the more coins they earn.

You can Jackpot Party's Wrath of Khan game now HERE.

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