It may have gotten lost in the shuffle the other day, as the media focused on the gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia, but a Klingon was voted into office, too. John Hertzler – better known as J.G. Hertzler – won a two-year term to serve on the Town Board in Ulysses, New York, near Ithaca. Star Trek fans will recall that he played more than a half-dozen different roles across Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise, making his greatest mark on the franchise in his recurring DS9 role as the Klingon general, Martok

Hertzler, on Thursday, posted a note on his Facebook page addressing his big win at the polls:

“Thank you all... all you folks who have sent such meaningful thoughts and "grats" on the election. I do live in a wonderful part of the world and will do all I can to make it even better. My first precept I feel should be "First do no harm." That's the least I can do... but I will try to do much more... investing my time and energy and creativity in this very real world that needs so much positation... it hurts. "Positation" was a Bill Ball word, a man, a great man of the American Stage, who gave me an opportunity that really changed my life back in the day... Positation is the order of this day. Thanks again my friends...far and wide. Jgh”



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