Spock and the Horta are getting back together. Diamond Select Toys, based on fan demand, will release a line of Star Trek Select figures starting early next year. The 7-inch figures will depict iconic characters from across the Star Trek universe, and up first will be Spock as he appeared in the TOS episode “The Devil in the Dark.” Also included in the package: a Horta – the first Horta toy ever officially produced – in a cave diorama, and interchangeable, articulated hands and legs for Spock, which can be used to make the legendary Vulcan stand tall, phaser in hand, or crouch to mind meld with the Horta. And, best of all (we think) is an alternate screaming Spock head.

Keep an eye on StarTrek.com for additional details about the Spock collectible and the next one on tap: Kirk. In the meantime, to pre-order the Spock/Horta product, click HERE for ComicShopLocator.com, HERE for Diamond Select Toys’ Facebook page and HERE to follow DST on Twitter.


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