Captain James T. Kirk is back in action… as an action figure. Available now, the Star Trek Select Kirk Figure is a Diamond Select Release, designed and sculpted by Art Asylum. Part of an all-new Star Trek action figure line created for collectors, Kirk comes along with a part of the Enterprise bridge and can be displayed in a battle with Khan (from the episode “Space Seed”). The Star Trek Select Kirk is a 7-inch scale figure that is complemented by interchangeable parts for various display options and a diorama-style accessory (the bridge piece), and it comes packaged in a display-friendly Select package. It costs $24.99.

Additionally, several other popular Diamond Select products are being offered again. These include the Star Trek TNG 1701-D Enterprise Ship, which measures 16” long and features working lights, display stands and the voice of Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard. It’s priced at $70. Also available is the Star Trek TNG “All Good Things” Enterprise D Ship, which also measures 16” long, features working lights, display stands and Stewart’s voice, and sells for $70. And, lastly, there’s the Star Trek Communicator and Tricorder Set, which is perfect for role-play and boasts authentic sounds and lights. It’s available now for $75.

Look for the Diamond Select Star Trek toys at your local retailer and/or comic book shop.
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