Star Trek: The Fall: A Ceremony of Losses, book three in Simon and Schuster's Next Generation/Deep Space Nine crossover series, is available now. David Mack has penned the tale, which follows on from The Crimson Shadow and sets the stage for The Poisoned Chalice, due out next month.

Here’s a synopsis direct from Simon and Schuster/Pocket Books: "Despite heroic efforts, the Andorian species is headed for extinction. Its slow march toward oblivion has reached a tipping point, one from which there will be no hope of return. With countless lives at stake, the leaders of Andor, the Federation, and the Typhon Pact all scheme to twist the crisis to their political gain—at any price. Unwilling to be a mere bystander to tragedy, Doctor Julian Bashir risks everything to find a cure for the Andorians. But his courage will come at a terrible cost…"

A Ceremony of Losses is available as a mass market paperback and eBook. It runs 352 pages and costs $7.99. Click HERE to purchase.



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