Dave Kern's Last Good Day

Dave Kern's Last Good Day

David Kern was many things, but one trait that greatly defined him, and his whole life, was that, from the very beginning, when Star Trek first aired in the 60s, until his last days on Earth, he was a devoted fan of Star Trek. Dave’s life was filled with hardships, but I know that Star Trek made it better, including his last good day.

He loved the shows and movies for everything that they were, but he was never the kind of Trekkie who would dress up and attend conventions. He was a Trekker, interested in the science and mechanics of it all, while enjoying the drama. Over time, he collected toys and replicas, and obtained a copy of every episode – and he raised his children watching those very same episodes with them. “He was obsessed;” says his youngest daughter, Audrey. “He had an entire wall filled with VHS tapes of just Star Trek.”

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For that, we’ll forever be grateful.

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