David Weisberg is definitely our nominee for Father of the Year: Star Trek Division. Weisberg crafted an uber-detailed U.S.S. Enterprise bridge playset for his eight-year-old son, and he did so using actual blue prints for the bridge.

"This project started when I found my old Star Trek: The Original Series Playmates figures,” Weisberg wrote on the Instructables site. “I gave them to my eight-year-old son, who had become a fan of the old show. He began building simple cardboard play pieces. Inspired by the clean wooden design of some of his other toys, I set out to design and create a modular play set that he could use to assemble various rooms aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. I wanted a set that could break down and store easily.  I tried to use scrap materials where I could.”

Weisberg erected a bridge, deck, consoles, captain's chair, main viewscreen and chairs, then primed, painted and assembled the pieces. Next came graphics, which he researched and created with Photoshop. More assembly followed, and then it was playtime.
"The modular nature led my son to almost immediately create a multi-deck configuration," Weisberg wrote. "Once played with, the set could be easily broken down and stored."

And you know how the story ends.

"He has already asked," Weisberg said of his young Trek fan son, "how soon he will get the rest of the ship."

Better get started, Dad.

In the meantime, check out the full story at www.instructables.com.

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