, for our latest poll, asked "Which Star Trek crew would you join on an away mission?" More than 14,000 fans voted and the results are in -- and it really wasn’t a close race.


The Next Generation beamed up 36 percent of the vote



Voyager tallied 26 percent



The Original Series notched 15 percent



Deep Space Nine garnered 12 percent



Enterprise brought up the rear with 10 percent


What do you think of the results? While you contemplate that, here’s what a few of your fellow fans had to say:

“I voted Voyager, not because it’s my favorite series but because it probably has the highest survival rate!” – Russell Hamstead

“I would like to avoid being on an away mission, hence I am not a regular cast member. I would most likely end up as a red shirt and get killed... no thanks.” – Martin Krohn

“I  would beam down with Voyager. Here's my reasoning. First, it said go on an away mission with them, not actually live in that series. Therefore I'm not stranded in the delta quadrant. Second, I'm an unnamed character. Therefore, I would be one of the expendable characters. In any other series, that means instant death for me. But Voyager can't stock up on redshirts at the nearest starbase, so they replaced redshirts with Harry Kim, who died and came back to life nine times in the seven seasons. I kept track. Even aside from Harry Kim, almost every character in Voyager has died and come back to life several times, even if only by means of the ship exploding. Therefore, even if I did die on an away mission with Voyager, there's a 95% chance that I would come back to life.” – Jared Curry

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