2012 isn’t even over yet, but Creation Entertainment has its eye on the weekend of August 8-11, 2013. That’s when fans from all over the world will convene in Las Vegas for Creation’s annual mega Official Star Trek Convention. StarTrek.com previously reported that Creation had locked in 34 guests, including William Shatner, Kate Mulgrew and Avery Brooks, and now Creation has just announced the addition of another half dozen Trek stars, putting them halfway to their goal of 80 Star Trek celebrities for Las Vegas 2013. The six new guests are: Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, Cirroc Lofton and Vaughn Armstrong.

"We decided after last year's Vegas Convention to make the 2013 event even more special by upping the amount of celebrities speaking and meeting attendees,” Creation Entertainment co-CEO Gary Berman told StarTrek.com. “We were really gratified that such a high percentage of our Gold Weekend patrons re-upped in 2012, and that opened up additional funds for getting more in-person guests.  

“More than ever,” Berman added, “a lot of the stars are spending the entire convention with us by having their own tables in the vendors area. So we are looking for an even higher level of celebrity interaction offered to our attendees in 2013 because autographs in the vendors room are not time-pressured. Plus, as we found, having the guests on hand offers the potential of them doing more than one appearance on stage and the opportunity for attendees to meet them casually on the convention floor. All in all, increasing the chance for fans to personally meet their favorite celebrities -- beyond just seeing them on stage -- is a goal for 2013."

Keep an eye on StarTrek.com for additional news about Creation Entertainment’s Official 2013 Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas. Click HERE to visit the Creation Entertainment site for further details about the Vegas convention and other Official Star Trek Conventions, and to purchase tickets for admission, autographs and photo ops.

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