Comic-Con 2012 is heading for the home stretch, with the mega-event set to close its doors today at 5 o’clock. But the joint was still rocking on Saturday, Day 4, and Star Trek fans took advantage of the opportunity to visit the booths of the many Trek licensees in attendance. Here’s a recap of the Trek-centric activities fans enjoyed yesterday:

IDW Publishing (Booth #2643) created a buzz with a day of autograph signings and a cosplay event. Fans lined up for their chance to meet their favorite Star Trek artists and writers, including the Star Trek: TNG/Doctor Who team of Scott Tipton, David Tipton and J.K. Woodward, the Star Trek: The Next Generation tandem of Brannon Braga and Joe Corroney, and Star Trek's Joe Corroney.

TNG/Doctor Who fans were front and center with the cosplay event.  Some of the lucky winners received Star Trek gear from the female-geared line Her Universe. If you weren’t one of the winners, don’t worry, you can still pick up a t-shirt for yourself or the fangirl in your life at the Her Universe booth (#3635). There are three available shirts: the “I’ve Got a Crush” tee ($25), the Uhura tee ($32) and the “I Grok Spock” Dolman tee ($28).

LaLa Land (Booth #429/Toy Hungry) featured its 3-CD limited-edition of the Star Trek: The Motion Picture Soundtrack for $35.

Simon & Schuster (Booth #1128) offered fans a wide selection of their Star Trek reading material. Among the titles generating buzz: the Haynes Enterprise Manual, Star Trek: Typhon Pact – Raise the Dawn, Star Trek: Typhon Pact -- Plagues of Night, and the Starfleet Academy series.


Other Star Trek books we came across included Obsessed with Star Trek, from Chronicle (Booth #1506) and Star Trek Book of Opposites from Quirk Books (Booth #1636).

Anovos (Booth #2913-E) invited fans to stop by their booth to pick up a cool Comic-Con exclusive: a necktie with a phaser burn ($50). Fans could also purchase Starfleet badges, which are patches, for $20. The patches reflect the three divisions, one each for Command, Science and Engineering. Many fans also took advantage of the opportunity to get their picture taken with the lovely Ladies of the Fleet.

Star Trek Sighting: Jere Sumabon. Check out our photo of Jere in her very impressive costume.

And now for a preview of today’s events:


Star Trek Comic-Con exclusives will be available at the booths of several Star Trek licensees. Follow @StarTrek for announcements about products and booths.


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