And the Star Trek Into Darkness goodies keep coming from Paramount Pictures. They’ve just released “Character Profile: Scotty,” one minute and six seconds devoted to everyone’s favorite engineer and the actor who plays him, Simon Pegg. The footage includes scenes of Scotty in action aboard the Enterprise and drinking in a bar as he mocks Kirk (Chris Pine), as well as behind-the-scenes clips of Pegg having fun on the set, plus snippets of a Pegg interview.



“He’s quite old-fashioned in that he’s a stickler for protocol,” Pegg says of Scotty. “He very rarely calls Kirk “Jim.” He always calls him “Captain,” but at the same time he’s always pretty honest with him.” And, giving his assessment of the May 17 release, Pegg opines, “The film is going to be nuts… It’s everything I would want from a Star Trek film as a Star Trek fan. That’s a sound bite and a half!”


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