Check Out Great Star Trek Cyber Monday Deals

Check Out Great Star Trek Cyber Monday Deals

Hot on the heels of Black Friday, it's time to save on a universe of Star Trek products on Cyber Monday. has gathered together details about some of the best bargains being offered by the companies that make/sell Star Trek products and, in many cases, we've got deal codes exclusively for readers. Check 'em all out now:

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Hastings -- The popular online retailer, which offers literally hundreds, if not thousands of Star Trek products, is kicking off an extended promotion on Cyber Monday. Use the code ENTERPRISE to save 30% off on all Star Trek items from December 1-7. Visit

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ThinkGeek -- ThinkGeek is following up its great Black Friday discounts with several Cyber Monday-only offers. They include the awesome Enterprise Pizza Cutter at 33% off, the Borg Cube Fridge at 20% off and the Star Trek Rug at 20% off. Several other discounted products are carryovers from Black Friday. Among them are the Tribble Slippers With Sound at 28% off, USS Enterprise-D Pizza Cutter at 50% off, Star Trek Bathrobes at 33% off, TNG Wesley Crusher Uniform Hoodie at 25% off, TOS Uniform Hoodie at 33% off, TNG Uniform Hoodie at 33% off and the TNG Worf Costume Hoodie at 25% off. Go to

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Eaglemoss – All new subscribers to Star Trek The Official Starships Collection can save 50% on their second shipment. The offer will last from Thursday, November 27th at midnight through Monday, Dec 1. Visit

Quantum Mechanix -- QMx has several of their Star Trek products available at discounted prices from Black Friday through the end of the day on Cyber Monday. The discounted items include the Star Trek 2009 Starfleet Academy Ring at 50% off  ($9.95; regular price $19.95), Star Trek Plush Trio (Romulan Bird-of-Prey, Enterprise and Tribble) at over 50% off ($19.95; retail price over $40), Regular Star Trek Q-Pops (Uhura, Kirk and Spock) at 50% off ($9.95 each; regular price $19.95), SDCC Exclusive Mirror Spock Q-Pop at over 50% off ($11.95; regular price $24.95) and Enterprise Ring Ship Artisan Replica (handmade Artisan model) at $500 off ($999.95; regular price $1499.95). QMX will also offer, as an exclusive item, the Star Trek Mini Phaser Replica Keepsake, handmade in the USA and produced in limited numbers, for $49.95. Also, keep an eye on the QMx Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages for Star Trek items included in their limited-time flash sale deals throughout Black Friday weekend. Go to to take advantage of all the deals.

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