Benedict Cumberbatch sat down with Entertainment Tonight for an interview that ran the other day as a three-minute segment. In it, he addressed several matters, including his unlikely audition -- a frantically recorded tape -- for the part of John Harrison in Star Trek Into Darkness and also whether or not he's actually a Trek fan.



"I was in a panic," Cumberbatch told ET. "I could not find a single casting director or camera set up to do my lines [during our holiday break]. … So it was sort of desperate measures and desperate times. … I was literally crouched down in one corner of the kitchen with my two god-children asleep in the background somewhere, and my unborn, new godson Jake – he was madly kicking away whilst [making] the tape. He gave it a little thump of support..."

And was he a Trek fan?

"I wouldn't say I was a Trekkie when I was growing up," he replied. "Because Trekkie is something you own if you have a specialist's knowledge. I'm very much at cadet school, still. I'm way off being an expert..."


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