Arguably, no Star Trek character embodies the franchise as much as Mr. Spock. From The Original Series to the Kelvin timeline of the recent reboot movies, Spock’s presence and influence are inescapable. The half-Vulcan/half-human is one of Trek’s most-insightful and eloquent observers of the human condition. Fans attending San Diego Comic-Con 2017 will be able to celebrate the life and legacy of both Spock and the actor who brought him so memorably to life, Leonard Nimoy, with the debut of a resin Star Trek: The Original Series Talking Spock Bobble Head - Convention Exclusive from Bif Bang Pow!.

Standing 6-1/4 inches tall, excluding his Starfleet delta-shaped base, this convention exclusive presents the man Captain Kirk called “the best first officer in the fleet” as he appeared in TOS… in his blue sciences officer’s tunic and black uniform trousers.

Nimoy’s likeness is unmistakable, as is his voice. Each push of the figure’s button activates one of six sound clips from the show: “Transporter room, ready to beam up;” “Insufficient facts always invite danger” (from “Space Seed”); “Vulcans never bluff” (from “The Doomsday Machine”); and the signature Spock sayings, “Fascinating,” “Highly illogical” and “Live long and prosper.”

Limited to an edition of only 1,500 pieces, each Bif Bang Pow! talking bobble head is individually numbered with the production run number on a holographic sticker.

The first opportunity for fans to grab this individually numbered and limited-edition exclusive will be at San Diego Comic-Con on July 20, 2017 in the Entertainment Earth booth (#2343). Not attending San Diego Comic-Con 2017? You can pre-order the Star Trek: TOS Talking Spock Bobble Head at Entertainment Earth

(NOTE: This item will first be sold during San Diego Comic-Con 2017 at the Entertainment Earth Booth #2343. If supplies remain after the show, pre-orders will be filled and shipped in August 2017.)

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