The fans spoke and ThinkGeek heard them loud and clear. The company recently unveiled its Star Trek: The Next Generation-themed hoodies and the Trek faithful clamored for pips to go on their bare collars. Voila, ThinkGeek has introduced Star Trek: The Next Generation rank pips based on screen-used creations. Magnets set in the pips and backing ensure that can be spaced evenly and accurately each time they're worn.

Rank options include Captain, Commander, or Lt. Commander, and the ranks that have an outlined pip are solid with black enamel covering the center, benefitting all the LCDR, LTJG, and CWOs out there. Also, all of the pips are hand-weathered to replicate the matte look of the originals. The Captain pips cost $60, while the Commander and Lt. Commander pops cost $54.99 each. Visit to purchase.


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