Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage will have its world premiere on November 1 at the Royal Albert Hall, with veteran Trek composers Jay Chattaway and Ron Jones making special guest conducting appearances. The Ultimate Voyage is a unique concert experience in which fans are treated to the finest music and visuals from 50 years of Star Trek shows, movies and more, with the music performed by world-class orchestras and the Trek footage beamed in high-definition onto a 40-foot screen. For the Royal Albert Hall event, the London Philharmonic Orchestra will perform the music, conducted by Justin Freer.

Chattaway will guest conduct "The Inner Light," his beloved TNG composition, while Jones will lead the orchestra in performing the music he composed for the 1997 videogame Star Trek: Starfleet Academy. Here are excerpts from a brief interview The Ultimate Voyage did with Chattaway.

Q: Your experience as a composer spans the industry and has seen you in front of an impressive range of musicians. What is it about Star Trek and its music that has been your inspiration?

A: The privilege of working with such intelligent writers, producers and directors has been a great inspiration. The ability to have a symphony orchestra of incredible musicians to record my music every week was the complete fulfillment of my dreams.

Q: The Ultimate Voyage is a concert, which isn’t something a fan would normally expect for Star Trek. What’s your experience with the fan and the music?

A:  The Star Trek fans are incredibly brilliant and can identify with much of the music. Not only can they identify the episodes, but also can name the composers of particular episodes.

Q: This music has never been performed live before. Where are the origins of these original Star Trek scores.

A:  They probably originated in the minds of the composers who were fortunate enough to be involved in this franchise. It should be quite interesting to hear so many different composer’s musical treatments in concert based on a common thread.

Q: 2016 marks the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek. What do you attribute to all those years of success?

A: I believe that Gene Roddenberry’s vision for the future was so hopefully accurate. And the fact that the franchise believed in the power of symphonic musical scoring certainly contributed to the longevity of  Star Trek.

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