Sarah Silverman was on Star Trek? Yup. She's a major star now but even some Trek fans don't realize that she counted among her earliest acting jobs the role of Rain Robinson in the Star Trek: Voyager two-parter, "Future's End." is pleased to share Five Things to Know About Sarah Silverman...


Silverman was born in Bedford, New Hampshire, and raised in Manchester, New Hampshire. She's the youngest of five siblings born to Beth Ann (Halpin) and David Silverman. She was just 17 years old when she first performed standup comedy.


In "Future's End, Part I and II," Silverman guest starred as Rain Robinson, a human scientist/astronomer tasked with searching for extraterrestrials as part of Earth's SETI program. It was Robinson who picked up Voyager's warp signal, triggering a series of events involving Henry Starling (Ed Begley Jr.), the timeship Aeon, Earth's possible destruction and a kiss between Robinson and Tom Paris.

More Rain?

Voyager's writers and producers, particularly Brannon Braga, were so impressed with Silverman and her chemistry with Robert Duncan McNeill that they nearly brought the actress on board full-time. That revelation became news in 2011, when Bryan Fuller tweeted: "LIL' KNOWN: Star Trek Voyager producers considered making @SarahKSilverman a regular after her S3 turn as plucky present day astronomer." Of course, Braga and company eventually recruited a different actress for a full-time role: Jeri Ryan joined the cast in season four, playing the game-changing and star-making role of Seven of Nine.

After Rain

Silverman, in the years since her Voyager appearances, has worked nonstop, performing standup, writing a book, acting in films and on TV, recording albums and becoming a political/social activist. Among her credits: Saturday Night Live, Mr. Show with Bob and David, The Larry Sanders Show, There's Something About Mary, Seinfeld, School of Rock, The Sarah Silverman Program, Wreck-It Ralph, Take This Waltz, I Smile Back, Masters of Sex, Bob's Burgers and Battle of the Sexes. Along the way, she's won two Emmy Awards.

Current Projects

Since 2017, Silverman has hosted the Hulu talk show, I Love You, America with Sarah Silverman. The show concluded its second season earlier this month. She is also was recently back on the big screen, once again providing the voice of Vanellope von Schweetz, in the animated hit, Ralph Breaks the Internet.


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