Star Trek Las Vegas pulled out more big guns on day four, as William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Kate Mulgrew, George Takei, LeVar Burton and Brent Spiner all graced the main stage throughout the day. Check out our recaps and photos of the day’s activities, and visit again tomorrow to read our recap of the mega-event’s final day.

William Shatner

Star Trek icon Shatner looked and sounded great during his hour on stage. 

He talked about his world travels for season two of Better Late Than Never and his new book, Spirit of the Horse, and revealed that his next book will focus on aging. "You're the first to hear this," Shatner said. "It's called 'Live Long And...' I can't really tell you how to live longer. I don't know anything, but I can tell you what worked for me -- and maybe it'll work for you."

Speaking of Kirk, he recalled that his classical theater training, coupled with Gene Roddenberry's recommendation that he read Horatio Hornblower, helped him find Kirk as a character from the very first episode.  "So," he said, "I played it like a classical hero."

Kate Mulgrew

Mulgrew flew in straight from the set of Orange Is the New Black to join the festivities at STLV. She spoke about the early days of her career, her years on stage, landing her role as Janeway following the departure of Genevieve Bujold, and the upcoming sixth season of Orange Is the New Black, which will be set post-riot. 

"Season six, I think, will be my favorite," she said, cryptically adding. "It's judgment day. It's judgment day."

As a surprise, Robert Duncan McNeill joined Mulgrew on stage. They hugged and joked, and Mulgrew told the crowd that the fact that their trailers were so close to one another helped them grow tight as co-stars. As he exited, Mulgrew affectionately told him, "You made me laugh."

Inside the Inner Light

How much did Patrick Stewart love “The Inner Light”? Enough to, all these years later, participate in a panel with writer Morgan Gendel and co-star Margot Rose, who played Eline. 

Gendel revealed that “The Inner Light” came to him when he was looking out the window of toddler daughter’s room and saw the Fuji blimp. 

Of the episode, Stewart said, “It was quite rare to find an episode that challenged us as actors. It was special to me.”  

George Takei

George Takei regaled fans with old stories and news ones, too. He talked about the history of TOS and how Bjo and John Trimble helped save the show by spearheading the letter-writing campaign that secured a third season. 

Moderator Scott Mantz asked Takei the secret of his unending energy. His reply: “Green tea, lots of antioxidants.”

Spiner & Burton

After warming up the crowd with a few signature poses, Spiner and Burton, Spiner unleashed his famous Patrick Stewart impression. 

Then the guys got to talking. Spiner, referencing his makeup, said, “If my face itched, I couldn’t scratch it.” 

As for Burton and the infamous VISOR, he noted, “The VISOR was not my friend. It was not comfortable. It hurt, but you know it’s remarkable what someone will do for money.”

Joel Harlow

The Oscar-winning makeup artist discussed his remarkable work on both Star Trek (2009) and Star Tre Beyond, and he lifted the veil on the upcoming book, Star Trek Beyond: The Makeup Artistry of Joel Harlow

Joining Harlow was his step-daughter Ashley, who played the exotic Natalia in Beyond and graces the cover of the book. 

Harlow, who also talked about Krall and Jaylah, was well aware that a STLV attendee was seen sporting a spot-on Natalia look, prompting Harlow to comment, “You don’t need me anymore.”  

Todd McFarlane

OK, so this a cool one. Todd McFarlane kicked off his panel by showing off the upcoming Kirk and Picard figures from McFarlane Toys and, at the same time, handing out awesome oversized Picard prints that he’d drawn and autographed. 

McFarlane also announce the news that McFarlane Toys will create a Discovery line that will kick off in the fall of 2018 with Michael Burnham and T’Kuvma. “It will look like a toy I would want to take home to my kid,” McFarlane promised the crowd.

Introducing the Star Trek Film Academy

Denise Okuda, Mike Okuda, Doug Drexler and Daren Dochterman joined James Cawley as he introduced fans to retro wonder that is The Original Series Set Tour. Fans saw an 8-minute video, which was followed by detailed conversation about Cawley’s dream project. 

Then came the big news: “We’re going to be launching the Star Trek Film Academy at The Original Series Set Tour,” Cawley announced. “Fans can make their own vignettes,” with help from the likes of the Okudas, Drexler and Dochterman. 

STLV Costume Contest

Dozens of fans in all manner of Trek regalia participated in the costume contest. Jordan Hoffman, who moderated, was Cousin Mel, semi-related to Bele and Lokai. The judges included Discovery’s Mary Chieffo, Mike Westmore, Neville Padr and Terry Farrell. 

Grand Prize Winner: Juli & Alison as The Duras Sisters

1st Runner-Up: Kelly & Seth as Antedean Dignitaries

2nd Runner-Up: The Hall Family as the Borg Collective

3rd Runner-Up: Rich and Debbi as Lwaxana & Mr. Homm

Judges Mary Chieffo of Star Trek: Discovery and Terry Farrell of Deep Space Nine

Judges Michael Westmore and Neville Page

Costume Contest Host, Jordan Hoffman, of ENGAGE - The Official Star Trek Podcast


Young Trek fans are the future of the space program -- and Star Trek, too. 

So, it was fun to see kids express themselves, create something and learn as they joined Brandon Rodriguez and Lyle Tavernier of NASA/JPL in creating satellites with marshmallows and spaghetti.

Trek Trivia Tournament

Sixteen fans competed in the daily tournament to be crowned the Trek Trivia champion.

Day four winner, Ian A. 

CBS All Access Stage

Jordan Hoffman and Ian Spelling once again anchored the CBS All Access Stage, welcoming a new array of guests to engage in intimate talks with fans. Here’s who appeared on stage:

Adam Nimoy, Director

Thomas Marrone, Star Trek Online

Paul Siegel, Star Trek Timelines

Michael Westmore, Makeup Artist

Phil Plait, The Bad Astronomer

Klingon Cosplayers

Darrell Phillips, Cosplayer

Grey & Black Attack Cosplayers

Evin Dempsey & Jeremy Sodek, McFarlane Toys

James Cawley, Original Series Set Tour

Sights from day four at Star Trek Las Vegas

Brannon Braga, Producer & Andre Bormanis, Science Advisor 

The Bad Astronomer, Phil Plait with Caltech's Drs. Robert Hurt, Philip Hopkins & Jessie Christiansen

Makeup Demonstration with Michael Westmore

Doug Drexler, Designer

Mike Okuda, Designer

Denise Okuda, Designer

Klingon Kids

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