There are Star Trek fans and then there’s Line Rainville. A hardcore fan of The Original Series, Rainville spent $30,000 giving the basement in her Notre-Dame-des-Prairies, Quebec, home a Trek overhaul. As such, she re-created portions of the Enterprise bridge, recreation room, observation deck, transporter room and Spock's quarters.

"I was 9 when I first watched Star Trek in French with my father," Rainville, who is a social worker, told CNET. "I became addicted to this show and during the week, and I looked forward to each Tuesday at seven for another episode. I enjoyed Star Trek because it was about space, unknown worlds, and aliens who often ended up being more friendly than expected. I enjoyed learning about Vulcans and seeing the interactions between the characters.”

It took Rainville more than a year to fully realize her suite of Star Trek rooms. According to CNET, she tracked down a tricorder and 3D chess set online, and then re-created such props as Vulcan bells, food replicators and utility piping. Rainville also perused dozens of online and brick-and-mortar shops in search of a fabric that resembled that seen on Spock’s bed, ultimately electing to craft her own bedspread with the identical pattern.

Finally, she gazed at the finished product.

"Standing there, being 51 years old, I was kind of beamed back into that 9-year-old girl's mind who so often wished her beloved Captain Kirk could bring her aboard his vessel," Rainville told CNET. "All at once, I was aboard the Enterprise. The illusion had become my reward. I told my mother and my sister that it was so strange. I'm not sure they have fully understood how I was feeling. But they were there, supportive and sharing this unique moment."

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