You’ve mastered the bat’leth and proudly eat gagh with your bare hands, but you just can’t quite get your head around speaking Klingon. Well, we’ve got the solution: How to Speak Klingon – Essential Phrases for the Intergalactic Traveler.

 Due out on April 23 from Chronicle Books, How to Speak Klingon is an audio phrasebook written by Ben Grossblatt, with illustrations by Alex Fine. A Klingon Pronunciation key helps users tackle the nuances of Klingon, but the real secret is a built-in sound module. Among the phrases you might wish to learn and then grunt: “Passport? My fist is my passport!” and “Your mother has a smooth forehead” and “You bludgeon divinely,” not to mention “Today is a good day to die.”



How to Speak Klingon will run 24 pages and cost $16.95. Click below to pre-order.



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