We’ve got the data on this week’s episode of the Nickelodeon family comedy Wendell & Vinnie, which follows an orphaned 12-year-old boy (Wendell, played by Buddy Handleson) who’s cared for by his well-meaning, but immature uncle (Vinnie, played by Jerry Trainor), who owns a pop culture memorabilia shop. The episode is entitled “Swindle & Vinnie,” and here’s the synopsis: “Vinnie forces Wendell to lie for him in order to beat out his former mentor and main business competitor, Natasha (guest star Lisa Kudrow), for a piece of movie history. To get even, Wendell hawks Vinnie’s prized possession – Data’s eyes from Star Trek – without realizing their full value and now must find a way to get them back.” Enter… Brent Spiner, playing himself.



“Swindle & Vinnie” will air Thursday at 8:30 ET/PT.

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