The worlds of Star Trek and The Big Bang Theory collided again, in the best way possible, just the other day. It happened Sunday afternoon, at the Anovos booth at Comic-Con, after Anovos’ "SDCC 2012 Star Trek Beam Out Gathering," during which fans aplenty had showed up in costume, most in Star Trek costumes actually made by Anovos. The Big Bang Theory executive producer and writer Bill Prady at long last had time to check out the Comic-Con floor, and he made it a point to stop by the Anovos booth. That made perfect sense since plenty of Anovos Star Trek costume goodness has been seen on The Big Bang Theory.  Anovos CEO Joe Salcedo and COO Dana Gasser greeted Prady and fellow executive producer Steve Molaro, and Salcedo recounted the moment for

How did Prady and Molaro wind up at your booth?

Salcedo: Dana and I were both giving interviews. Mine had just finished. Dana was wrapping up his interview with Larry Nemecek.  My colleague, Steve, quickly ran up to me mouthing the words "Bill Prady is here," with Bill and Steve Molaro following right behind him. I shook hands with both of them, telling them how utterly excited we were to have them in our booth. Once Dana finished up his interview. he quickly joined us.

Was he introduced to the crowd or did he just join in?

Salcedo: He was just part of the crowd. This was well after the Star Trek event. There were still some people there, to whom I casually mentioned it…  Some did make the picture.

What did Prady about the Anovos products?

Salcedo: He had been at the convention all week and finally had a chance to pass by our booth. He was looking at our products and also wanted to meet us since we had corresponded through various contacts. We showed him a few our products and even got a chuckle at the Star Ties. He did mention that Mayim (Bialik) looked great in one our dresses and we wholeheartedly agreed. Bill even tried on an Anovos Spock Tunic himself, which was a little tight, but it was very exciting to see him with such a big grin.

Bill asked about how we ever got into this, and we responded that it was a combination of research and a passion to create products that the fans really wanted. Because he and Steve mean so much to the geek world, it was the very least we could do to present them with a couple ties from the booth. All together, the experience was the highlight of the whole convention. We hope to work with them again in the future.

Since we’ve got you for a moment, tell us a little bit more about "The Star Trek Beam Out Gathering" and how it went…

Salcedo: It was a great success. We had a lot Star Trek fans come in and out of the booth during the designated time. There were pictures taken, mostly from the Comic-Con crowd passing by, probably impressed with a gathering of costumers. We did pass out a couple ties and some lucky customers even got to try on our newly released Gold Command Dress. Some of the key pictures of Anovos’ costumers we already sent in. I just discovered that one of our awesome customers, Shea Standefer, gave this interview and posted it on our Facebook page! (Click HERE to see it).


Click HERE to visit the Anovos site and keep an eye on for news about upcoming Star Trek costumes from Anovos.

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