What was the best guest appearance in a Star Trek film? That's the question we asked for the latest weekly StarTrek.com poll. More than 6,000 fans voted, choosing from options that included Whoopi Goldberg, Christopher Plummer, Malcolm McDowell, Ricardo Montalban, Alfre Woodard, Alice Krige and Benedict Cumberbatch. Here are the results:

Ricardo Montalban (45%)


Whoopi Goldberg (14%)


Benedict Cumberbatch (10%)


Christopher Lloyd (9% 597 votes)


Alice Krige (9% 563 votes)


Christopher Plummer (7%)


Alfre Woodard (3% 180 votes)


Malcolm McDowell (3% 178 votes)


And how did your guest of choice fare? And did we leave OUT your guest of choice? If so, who was it??

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