Space: The relentless adversary. These are the campaigns of the warship Klothos. Its unending mission: to conquer worlds of value, to subjugate weaker civilizations and expand our sphere of power… to gloriously venture where no Klingon has fought before.

Hi, everybody. John from ANOVOS again with another new entry in our expanding line of clothing from our “Shore Leave Collection.” Having visited the era of Star Trek: The Next Generation with our last release, we wanted to return to the 23rd Century and create a companion of sorts to last year’s The Original Series/The Animated Series tunics. We tried hard to come up with something that would not only complement those shirts, but add to the fun we hoped people would have wearing them. The answer was simple - it was time to go Klingon.

Presenting our first Classic-era Klingon product ever; the Star Trek: The Animated Series Shore Leave Collection Klingon Tunic.

It seemed almost obvious. The Klingon uniforms in The Animated Series were so cool. Looking very much like the vest and undershirt ensemble from The Original Series, the animated version substituted purple for gold, and we knew it would look amazing next to the brighter colors used by the other tunics in the Shore Leave Collection. Excited, we went to work as soon as the inspiration hit, and like most of our other products it proved to be a challenge in its own right. How do you take a two-dimensional uniform from a cartoon and bring it into the real world?   

First, you sit down and watch every appearance of Klingons in The Animated Series. Then you search for just the perfect shade of purple, while you begin to wonder what the two gold insignia on the tunic should look like. And, while that’s happening, you start designing the shirt.

We wanted the shirt to feel like a natural extension of the TOS/TAS tunics we did last year, so that was our starting point and it directed how we would design the Klingon uniform. It meant we would use the same materials and carry over the design of a short-sleeve tunic with black-ribbed collar. We also knew that we wanted the tunic’s insignia to feel like it had been designed in the early 1970s, so we used the same gold material and designed something appropriately “Imperial.”

In TAS, the Klingons' uniforms were finished with two very rough, vaguely trapezoidal, yellow shapes. So, we wanted to design something that fit that, and have detail that couldn’t be seen on screen, but we could believe was always there. We refined the shape and placed a Klingon trefoil in the center of each insignia to signify that the wearer was a member of the Klingon Imperial Fleet.
The reason we went to these lengths for this tunic? It was fun to do. And really – we all love Klingons. Who doesn’t? It’s said that a hero is only as good has his adversaries, and whether it was Koloth, Kali, or Kor himself, Captain Kirk always had the best.

“Survive and Succeed!”

Pre-orders for the Star Trek: The Animated Series Shore Leave Collection Klingon Tunic begin this week, with the product priced at $50.00 and an anticipated delivery date of Winter 2017. Go to to pre-order the tunic.

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