Enter to become the next character in Star Trek: Wrath of Gems. Who hasn’t imagined his or her self at the helm of the starship Enterprise, leading their brave crew on a mission to defend the Federation? Well, some dreams really do come true, or at least in Star Trek: Wrath of Gems they do.

Starting February 8th, you can enter to become the next character in Wrath of Gems, along with other official Star Trek gear. We’ve made it super easy to enter and no purchase is necessary. Just visit www.startrekwrathofgems.com/giveaway to find out more. But hurry, you only have until February 28th.

Star Trek: Wrath of Gems, from Genera Games and CBS interactive, combines your favorite Star Trek characters, spaceships and species from The Original Series and The Next Generation with deep RPG leveling. Players can advance through different storylines, experience varied game modes and much more. They can also collect and evolve favorite spaceships and characters, help famous captains, including James T. Kirk, on their missions, and match and battle against different species, among them the Cardassians, Klingons and Romulans.

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