We’ve all heard William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy sing, but Fametek/Massive Audio is putting a whole new spin on that with the introduction of Captain Kirk and Spock Bluetooth Figure Speakers. The 6-inch tall Kirk and Spock figure speakers are the first in Fametek’s new collection of Star Trek: The Original Series figure speakers.

The figures, in addition to the wireless feature, each boast nine different Star Trek phrases and sound effects, including “Live long and prosper,” “Highly illogical,” “Set phasers on stun” and “Energize,” as well as phaser and tricorder noises. Captain Kirk stands ready for action, with a phaser in one hand and a Tribble in the other, while Spock flashes the Vulcan salute and has a tricorder on his hip.

Among other elements of the figure speakers, consumers can use an included 3.5mm auxiliary cable for connection rather than the Bluetooth option, if preferred, and each figure benefits from a 38mm Massive Audio speaker, as well as a built-in MIC for phone calls. Also, each figure comes with a USB rechargeable battery, making them very portable. 

The Captain Kirk and Spock Bluetooth Figure Speakers cost $39.95 each. Go to www.fametek.com to purchase them.

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