We're going to borrow a great tag line from our friends at ThinkGeek as we introduce the first of their latest Star Trek-inspired products -- a rug that will "lie long and prosper" on your floor. The rug, which measures 39.4" by 71.5," features a great view of the Enterprise NCC-1701. It's made of 100% polyester pile and includes a non-skid backing.


The second product is a Star Trek Starfleet Insignia Ice Tray. The silicone tray can be used to make 8 ice cubes -- or anything else that can be molded, like chocolate or jello or even Romulan ale, if you can get your hands on the stuff.

The Star Trek Rug from ThinkGeek costs $69.99. Click HERE to purchase. And the Star Trek Starfleet Insignia Ice Tray costs $9.99. Click HERE to purchase that.  


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