has the final First Look at NECA/WizKids' upcoming Star Trek: Attack Wing's Wave 13 releases, and today we preview the Mirror Universe I.S.S. Enterprise, out in April. The Constitution Class ship gains an attack bonus when attacking a ship that it already has target locked. This can come in handy when you are gaining the benefit of taking multiple actions during the Activation Phase thanks to Mr. Spock. When players require more attack potential, James T. Kirk can disable Upgrades in order to roll additional attack dice. Either Captain can also bring along the Tantalus Field, which can force the discard of a Captain or Upgrade on the target ship.

Hikaru Sulu can be disabled to acquire a target lock on an enemy ship and then allow for another action from the ship’s action bar to be performed as a free action. Marlena Moreau decreases to cost of an Elite Talent upgrade while also giving the opportunity to increase your Captain’s skill level as well as prevent that Captain from being affected by an enemy upgrade. The Agony Booth can be discarded to activate the action listed on a Crew Upgrade, even if that upgrade is disabled.
Pavel Chekov adds +1 attack die when attacking with a Secondary Weapon and can also be sacrificed in tandem with the ship’s Captain to provide a free action from the ship’s action bar. The Photon Torpedoes provide for the conversion of a Battle Station into a Critical Hit. A successful Phaser Barrage could potentially turn a 3 dice attack into a 6 dice attack if at least 2 hits or critical hits are initially rolled.
The I.S.S. Enterprise will serve as a fine flagship for the Mirror Universe force as they make preparations to crush the rebels of the Terran colony as they undertake the Gorlan Uprising mission.

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