Scott Bakula is getting desperate. Actually, he's getting Desperate, as in Desperate Housewives. Bakula, who starred as Captain Jonathan Archer on Star Trek: Enterprise, has reportedly sealed a deal to play a recurring role on Desperate Housewives as the longtime ABC hit nears the last lap of its final season. According to The Hollywood Reporter, via, Bakula will appear in several episodes as Bree's "conservative, high-powered, straight-arrow" attorney. Bree (Marcia Cross) lawyers up in order to fight a possible murder charge.

Meanwhile, in other news involving the casting of Trek favorites in new projects, former Deep Space Nine actor Alexander Siddig will co-star alongside Oded Fehr, Joshua Jackson, Saad Siddiqui and Marisa Tomei in the film Inescapable. Siddig, according to The Hollywood Reporter, will play a Syrian expatriate who returns home to search for his daughter, a journalist who has gone missing. Tomei will play Siddig's ex-lover, whom he turns to for help. Production will begin on March 12, with Ruba Nadda in the director's chair. Nadda directed Siddig in the acclaimed feature Cairo Time.
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