NECA/WizKids will release Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 16 in July and has exclusive First Looks at the upcoming trio of ships, which we'll again showcase in a series of three articles. Today we will look at the U.S.S. Dauntless. The Independent Starship can only use Tech Upgrades, but gains attack potential when using said upgrades as well as when it performs an action. Arturis can disable an opposing Captain Card or Crew upgrades and gets a substantial Captain Skill bonus while in command of a Dauntless Class ship. For the first time in the game, players can forego a captain on their ship in favor of Auto-Navigation, which grants a ship a Captain Skill of 2 and also allows a player to switch to a green maneuver, if their chosen maneuver is less than ideal for the circumstances.

Maneuvering is key in the game and there are numerous other Tech upgrades that impact this important aspect. While using the Quantum Slipstream Drive, players can remove their ship from the play area and immediately place it back into the play area, but not within range 1-3 of any other ship. Power Distribution Grid can be discarded to forgo the chosen maneuver in favor of any turn on the ship’s maneuver dial. When the battle has unfolded and a player wishes to keep their advantageous placement, Emergency Shutdown is the Tech upgrade they need to stay in place. The Elite Talent, Lure, is also beneficial as it allows a player to change the maneuver of an opponent’s ship during the Planning Phase without the opponent knowing the chosen maneuver.
While many of the Tech upgrades deal with a ship’s movement, that is not all that the U.S.S. Dauntless brings to the table. Erecting a Force Field will help in keeping the ship’s upgrades safe from being disabled or discarded due to an opposing ship. Navigational Deflector can be discarded to cancel a hit result and allows a ship to roll Defense Dice against obstacles and minefields. If the ship does sustain damage, Particle Synthesis can be used to repair one Hull or up to 2 Shield Tokens.
While undertaking the Revenge mission, the Independent player must race to Borg Space with the captive Federation Crew members before the Federation player can stop them. Players, with the ability to adjust the number of Mission Tokens required for the scenario, can increase the difficulty for either player and replay the mission numerous times to see who is the more skilled opponent.

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