has the final First Look at NECA/WizKids' upcoming Star Trek: Attack Wing's Wave 15 releases, and today we preview the Federation U.S.S. Prometheus, out this month. The Prometheus lives up to its reputation as the fastest ship in Starfleet; able to move farther than any ship released to date. Players can relive the Romulan hijacking of the experimental Prototype ship by equipping Romulan Hijackers and have them serve under Rekar as Captain. Federation loyalists will enjoy having the Doctor appear in the Captain’s role while being backed up by the EMH Mark II.

The Multi-Vector Assault Mode provides the ship with an 8 dice attack against any ship within range 1. For those times when the opponent is further away, Photon Torpedoes are another option to consider. Tactical Prototype allows the ship to perform an action even while an Auxiliary Power Token is beside the ship. Regenerative Shielding, as the name implies, allows a ship to repair one Shield Token during the Planning Phase.  That Tech card will serve as the perfect back-up to Ablative Hull Armor which can absorb 3 hits to the ship before needing to be discarded.

Players will have to rush into combat as they attempt the Hijacked mission.  The Romulan player starts with the U.S.S. Prometheus under his control, but it is only a matter of time before the Doctor and the EMH Mark II bring their plans to fruition and regain control of the ship. Can the Romulan player eliminate the Federation opponent before this happens or will having the ship revert to Federation control be too much of a burden to overcome?

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