Gale Force Nine's game, Star Trek: Ascendancy, will debut both at Star Trek Las Vegas, August 3-7, and at Gen Con in Indianapolis, August 4-7. Ascendancy is a strategy board game of exploration, expansion and conflict between the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Star Empire.

In Star Trek: Ascendancy, you control the great civilizations of the Galaxy, striking out from your home worlds to expand your influence and grow your civilization. Will you journey for peace and exploration, or will you travel the path of conquest and exploitation? Command starships, establish space lanes, construct starbases and bring other systems under your banner. With more than 200 plastic miniatures and 30 star systems representing some of the Star Trek galaxy's most notable planets and locations, Star Trek: Ascendancy puts the fate of the Galaxy in your hands.

Pre-order a copy of GF9’s Star Trek: Ascendancy to pick up at the shows. Your pre-order guarantees you’ll get one of the advance copies of the game available only at the show. Each copy of the game will include a special set of 50th Anniversary Exploration Cards and a special offer from Star Trek Online. And, only at these shows, each pre-order will receive a set of hard resin Starbase game pieces. These detailed, hand-cast Starbases game pieces can be used in place of one of the Starbase Tokens in the game. Follow the link to Gale Force Nine’s Star Trek webpage for more details and to place your pre-order.

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