, in our most recent poll, asked readers, “Besides Captain Janeway, who is your favorite Star Trek heroine?” Thousands of you replied and the winner is… Seven of Nine, who tallied 25% of the vote, besting Jadzia Dax (21%), T’Pol (12%), Uhura (11%), Kira Nerys (11%) and Deanna Troi (9%). Were you shocked that Seven of Nine won? We weren’t, either. Likewise, we weren’t surprised that a number of people threw their support toward characters not on the list, including Janice Rand, B’Elanna Torres, Rachel Garrett, and, er, Kirk.

Check out a sampling of reader comments below:

“Seven!! She's smarter than all the others combined!” – Kathleen Jeffery

“Seven of Nine, of course” – Patricia Taylor

“How can 7 of 9 be beating Jadzia Dax? Jadzia was an amazing character with looks and smarts to match. Seven had... mostly just a tight jumpsuit.” – Austin Martin

“Kira Nerys all the way.” – Vicky Adams

“Go Kirk!” – George Williams

“Yeoman Rand! Miniskirt! Hot beehive!” – Todd S. Tuttle

“Where's B'Elanna?!” – Sara Comish

“Where do I write in for Rachel Garrett?” – Charlie Bizzell

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