, for our latest poll, asked readers the following question: Which Star Trek bar would be your favorite? The options were the 602 Club, Marseilles Poolroom, Quantum Café, Quark’s, Ten Forward or Shipyard Bar.

And the winner is…

Quark’s, officially known on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as Quark’s Bar, Grill, Gaming House and Holosuite Arcade. Yes, it seems that the majority of readers who voted would like to settle in at the bar next to Morn and grab an Aldebaran whiskey or, perhaps, play some dabo, tongo or even darts. In fact, Quark’s landed nearly half the vote, followed by Ten Forward, while the other joints lagged far, far behind.

Among the typical comments on the Facebook page were these:

“Quark’s… That’s a no-brainer” – Becca Eller

“Quark's. Morn is buying.” – Margaret Cooper

So, what would you order at Quark's?


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