asked fans “Which of these DS9 episodes had the best battle scene?” – and the results are in.  “Sacrifice of Angels” notched 24% of the vote, besting “What You Leave Behind,” which tallied 22%. “Way of the Warrior” came in third with 19 percent of the vote, while “Dominion War,” “Call to Arms” and “Tears of the Prophets” scored 18%, 11% and 6%, respectively. So, how did your episode of choice do? And did you happen to catch our mistake? There actually was NO episode entitled “Dominion War.”


                                         “Sacrifice of Angels" (24%)

   "What You Leave Behind" (22%)                  "Way of the Warrior " (19%)

"Dominion War" (18%)     "A Call To Arms" (11%)   "Tears of the Prophets" (6%)

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